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Commercial Design

At CG1 DESIGN, the client always comes first. With this mindset, and our overall outlook on doing good business, we have become one of the top interior design firms in, not only Miami, but all of Florida. Our longevity in the industry, and the success that we have gained from each project, has allowed us to build our strong interior design firm.

We employ some of the best interior designers that the city of Miami has to offer. Our designers have years of experience, and are exceptionally creative individuals with amazing taste, all which feed their passion for interior design.

We understand that there are many different facets associated with interior design, and that each client has certain specifications and requirements in mind. Our highly skilled interior designers draw from a vast pool of creative knowledge and hands-on experience, which enables us to provide our clients with a fully tailored and customized service. It is this, that has classed our firm, as one of the most efficient interior design firms in the industry, today. We only intend on climbing that ladder, even higher.

A Fully Customized and Tailored Commercial Design Experience

If exceptional commercial interior design is what you need, you’re in luck. Commercial design is one of the many areas of interior design in which we specialize. Our customers, consider us as one of the top interior design firms in Miami. We can guarantee that your commercial property’s interior is in the best and most professional hands possible. Our team of experts have worked on countless commercial properties, covering a very broad spectrum of businesses. Just a few examples of the commercial properties our designers have worked on include: offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and much more. Our designer’s keen eye for detail, provide them the ability to create commercial properties that are functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely professional in appearance and function.

Here at CG1 DESIGN, we want you to benefit from the commercial interior you want and deserve. We are one of the most competent and professional Miami interior design firms currently in operation today, and we continue to build strength as we insist on settling for nothing less than absolute perfection in every project that we take on.